Periodontal Care

With our in house specialist

Periodontal disease is the attack of the gums and the supporting bone of the teeth. Puffy, red and bleeding gums usually characterize it. Periodontal disease is known to be the leading cause of adult tooth lose. Many people have periodontal disease and are unaware, as it usually appears painless in the early stages. Research has suggested there is a link between periodontal disease and other diseases such as cardiovascular disease, pre-term labor, stroke, diabetes and bacterial pneumonia. The treatment of periodontal disease that you will receive from our dentists at 7 Day Dental Smiles will depend on the type and the severity of the disease. If it is caught in the early stages regular cleaning visits may be able to stop the progression. However, if it has progressed to a more advanced stage we may recommend a deep cleaning called scaling and root planning. Deep cleanings are usually completed one or two quadrants of the mouth at a time and are generally completed with local anesthetic. The goal of the procedure is to have the pockets that surround the teeth shrink to a manageable depth for proper maintenance.

An electronic toothbrush, flossing aids, medicated mouth rinses and certain medications may be recommended to aid in the healing process. If the disease has progressed to a more advance stage and we do not see any healing after scaling and root planning periodontal surgery and possible referral to a Periodontist in Post Falls (a specialist) may be required.

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